My Mom is hiking the Camino di Santiago!

A little over a week ago, my Mom left for Europe.  She started hiking the Camino di Santiago in Spain a few days ago.  Check out her trek:

🙂 Julie


artist profile: Simon Roy

My best friend Kathleen’s boyfriend, Simon Roy, is an art student currently in Calgary.  He has some comic books published.

I’ll admit: I wasn’t much a fan of his work, which consists of sci-fi robot/warfare comic books (hey, I’m a girl).  But I’m in love with one of his latest pieces:

I’m in love with this pattern piece!  I’m almost tempted to bring it to a printer and have a t-shirt made from it.

Grotesque? Sure.  Amazing colours, though.


Who killed the Mammoth?

All artwork featured in this post were pulled from Simon’s flickr page.  To check out Simon’s flickr page, click here.

To check out Simon’s blog, click here.

🙂 Julie