I skipped out on Lake Como to stay a little longer at WWOOF#5, but everyone at WWOOF#5  told me not to skip out on Venice.  And I’m glad I didn’t.

Alberto, one of the more permanent wwoofers at WWOOF#5, was heading to Vicenza, about an hour’s North-West of Venice.  He offered me a ride to Padova.  I usually like road trips, but MY GOD the highways in Italy ARE HORRIBLE.  Side note about Italian politics: most italians are communists on a local level, but nationalist on a federal level.  Consequently, no one takes care of the highways.  Pot holes everywhere.  Not a smooth ride.

Alberto dropped me off at the train station in Padova.  From there, it was a pretty straight forward.  Took the train to Santa Lucia Station, then a boat to Giudecca.  From the “boat”stop, it was only a 50m walk to the hostel.  Oh yeah: there aren’t any busses; only boats.  Seems pretty straightforward, but you won’t believe until you see it:  Venice is on water!

La Basilica di San Marco in the morning.  Crowded and beautiful!  The Venetians were crazy on details. I’m used to the simpleness of the Etruscan/Roman/Tuscan designs on Tuscany.  Amazing!

Canals everywhere!! The annoying thing is that unlike a street, you can’t cross a canal until you a reach a bridge.  Often, you hit dead ends.

Looking down the Grand Canal on il Ponte di Rialto.

Looking down along the side of Dorsoduro, the Southern-most island of Venice.  On the other side of the Canal, on the left, is Giudecca, where I was staying.

La Galleria dell’Academia. On the tip of the Dorsoduro island, facing Piazza San Marco.  Getting to Piazza San Marco is a totally different story.

Beautiful details!  And to think this was built on an island!

Looking North from Dorsoduro, to Piazza San Marco.  I sat on the steps on la Galleria dell’Acamedia to eat lunch and read a little.

Looking down the Grand Canal from il Ponte dell’Academia, the newest of the three main bridges on the Grand Canal.  Ohhhh Venice…. They should make a movie called Venezia, mi piace. I’d watch it…

Oh WHAT?!?  Piazza San Marco is flooded!! So gross!  Tourists were happily willing to walk barefoot and, at some points, knee-high in canal water.  Polluted and full of centuries worth of human excrements. EEEWWWW… I avoided the water as much as I could, until…

FFUuuudge...  should’ve seen this coming.  Great..  EEWWWWwww…. (I hate to admit it, but it was kind of refreshing…)

Beautiful Day!  Venice is such a tease because the sun is so hot, you just want to jump in the water, but you know you’d die out of disgust if you did…  too bad.

The quiet life on Giudecca, the largest island facing Piazza San Marco.  I really like that the hostel is on Giudecca.  It’s two boat stops away from la Piazza S.M., which makes it central in Venice and yet, because it’s on the other side of the canal, there are no tourists.  Quiet and serene… ahhhh…

Sadly, today marks the nineth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  So sad.

Ho solo una notte in Venezia.  Domani, prendo il treno per Parigi per due notte.  Dopo prendo l’aeroplane per Seattle.

A dopo!

🙂 Julie


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