WWOOF#5 in Review

A lot has happened since my last post.

girls’ day morning out

Sophie, AnnaLisa, Martina and I all managed to pull off a free morning on Saturday.  AnnaLisa and I only work in the afternoon and at night.  Sophie had to book time off.  Martina just got really luck.

Hitchhiking (or autostop): the only way to get around Tuscany.  After about ten cars, a handsome young fellow stopped.  Not bad.  From left: me, Sophie and AnnaLisa.

In Volterra, we strolled through the market, stopped for cappuccini (that’s many cappuccino), and biscotti, and did a little shopping.  Soooo refreshing to get out of WWOOF#5 for a little and to have some good old fashioned girl time.  Sophie was especially happy: she had just finished a 4000-word essay on Becket’s works, was free of Rumi (a two-year-old devil of a child) and other au pair duties.

Big purchase of the day: green Ray-Ban knock-offs.  Cost me 5€, they did.  Photo: Sophie.

Empty Villa

Having the villa totally rented out sucks. Everything is off-limits and you can’t even go near it if you’re not working.  So when the guests finally left, the villa was completely empty (free of guests!) for two nights.  It felt like we were little kids running around in a giant masion, all to ourselves.  We watched Star Trek in the theatre room, soaked up the sun by the pool, explored the “forbidden” parts of WWOOF#5 (including a secret costume room up on the top floor) , skimmed through books in the library, went fig and blackberry picking, ate dinner in the backyard at sunset.  We were even contemplating playing sardines at night.

Sian on the look-out. Sian, the last wwoofer to arrive during my stay at WWOOF#5, and I got bored one day and explored the villa.  We took off our sandals and tip-toed up to the top floors of the villa.  Up there, we found these stairs leading to a look-out room, no bigger than a single bed.  There are two balconies on either side of the look-out room.  The view from up there has been tattooed in my brain; it was breathtaking.

Lunch in the courtyard. Another bonus of having the villa completely empty was that we could eat in the courtyard.  Kids running everywhere.  Every lunch felt like one big family gathering.

Me in the pool. I’m pretty sure my age drops 15 years when I go swimming.  Every time I went down to the pool, I looked for something to toss in so I could go dive and get it…

Chillin’ by the pool. It killed me how impossible it was for me to figure out the time travel-ness in Star Trek.  Sian and I spent our out-of-the-water time coming up with possible theories.  We came to the conclusion that there exist two parallel realities, existing 50 years apart, and Nero effs it up.

Dinner with a view. Sophie, left, and AnnaLisa, right, enjoying dinner and wine on the backyard terrace.

Girls’ (and Daviday’s) Night Out in Florence

On my second to last night in WWOOF#5, Daviday and Louise invited AnnaLisa, Sian, Sophie and I to come out with them in Florence.  They were meeting friends for dinner.  With Daviday driving and Louise in the passenger seat, the four of us squished in the back for almost two hours.  Good thing Louise has amazing taste in music.

Sophie and I in front of the Duomo.  Sian and Sophie had never been to Florence.  “Better see it drunk first; everything looks bigger,”  we advised to them.

Sophie and me.  One thing I will miss about Europe is the public drinking.  Bars overflow, so city regulations allow patrons to hang-out in a nearby park or in the streets.

Later that night, we went to this club called “the Blob”.  Weird name, but sick tunes!!! They played 1920’s/1930’s gypsy jazz.  SOO MUCH FUN!!!  When they switched to “newer” music, like James Brown and other 70’s or even 80’s, we requested the DJ go back and play the older stuff.  Also, Louise and I got our a***s handed to us when we got wipped playing fuzeball.

I had the most amazing time at WWOOF#5.  I skipped out on Lake Como to stay a little while longer.  If Venice weren’t a must-see in Italy, I would’ve stayed a little longer even.

Hopefully one day, I’ll come back to WWOOF#5.  Thanks to everyone for an amazing three weeks!!!

🙂 Julie


2 thoughts on “WWOOF#5 in Review

  1. ma cherie: ces moments avec tes nouvelles amies sont vraiment precieux. quelle chance tu as eu de rencontrer des gens aussi gentils partout ou tu es allee. J’ai bien peur que tu trouves Victoria bien triste apres toutes ces emotions. Moi, cependant, j’ai bien hate de te prendre dans mes bras pour te faire un collade.

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