Saturday morning, we waited for the soya beans to finish boiling so we could mix them into miso.  This would take a few hours so we didn’t have anything to do.  So, Rocco and I decided to go for a walk to the nearest town, Palazzuolo about forty-five minutes away.

The neighbour’s house is about 100 metres up the road and it’s abandoned.  Apparently, the owners are away for the summer.  The property, with the exception of the vineyard which I think Dario looks after, isn’t care for at all.  There are weeds growing everywhere and the windows are boarded up.

From behind the town, you have a view of le Crete.  While the Chianti Hills are what people first think of when they think of Tuscany, le Crete is usually the second thing they think of.   The Chianti Hills are fertile, so there are lots of sunflowers, olive groves and vineyards, whereas the le Crete Hills aren’t fertile.  It’s kind of like rolling desert hills.

Rocco, taking a picture of Gargonza, the local cat.

Scoreboard for lawn bowling.  Pretty much the only sport the old folks can play, so it’s super popular in Europe.  All of the small towns have a little court to play.

Small lemon tree that was growing in someone’s front yard.

Looking North from Palazzuolo.  If you look closely, there’s a biker way in the distance.  Biking is huge in Europe, but why wouldn’t it be?  Super amazing views, clean fresh air, hills that aren’t too hilly.

Right by Lolmaia’s 500m -driveway is a cemetery.  What we found really interesting is that there are fresh flowers next to every grave and every tomb.  Someone comes everyday with fresh cut flowers.  Respect for the dead.  Never really seen that before, other than Remembrance Day.

One guy even has lavender growing on his grave…

Me on the road back to Lolmaia.  I can’t smile on cue.  Photo: Rocco.

We are being worked like non other here on Lolmaia.  It’s really hard to hit six hours on the dot.  What usually happens is, at 5.5 hours when I’m almost done a job, Dario comes along with something else for me to do.  I end up working something like 7 to 8 hours.  I’ve worked seven days straight, working on average 7 hours a day.

Barbara and Rocco are looking up farms for their next wwoof.  Apparently, there is a nudist farm in Grossetto and it is not a tourist nor an agritourist farm.  Weird.

Anyhow, tomorrow I’m going to Arezzo for my day off.

🙂 Julie


One thought on “Palazzuolo

  1. tu as vraiment l’oeil pour les photos. Je suis desolee que ce woofing soit si exigeant. Mais, ca fait partie de ton apprentissage… Vas voir mon courriel.

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