Monte San Savino

Friday, Dario brought me and Rocco into Monte San Savino to explore, while he went to Arezzo to buy a few things.  We sat down at the Internet Cafe for a little under an hour.  After we walked around.

Monte San Savino is one of those gem towns where it isn’t mentioned in any guidebook, but, if you saw it, you’d think it should be.  It’s typical little Italy, totally unknown to tourists unless you’re driving through Tuscany and decided to stop.  Monte San Savino used to be a fortified city with tall, thick brick walls, hundreds of years old, to defend its inhabitants from foreign armies.  Cars are not allowed inside the walled city which make it quiet , yet so much more full of life.

The walls of the outer edge of the city.  If you stand your tippy toes, you get an awesome view of the Tuscan countryside.

Someone’s porch in Monte San Savino

A fortress in the walled city

Looking outwards from the city

Rocco and I stumbled upon what we think is City Hall.  Inside, there is a inside courtyard.  All of Monte San Savino is one big music hall/school.  Everywhere you go there are twenty-something students with instruments on their backs.  We imagine that, later that day, there is to be a small private concert.

If you walk through the City Hall, you walk out onto the terrace courtyard, which looks out over the Tuscan countryside.  Wouldn’t be bad to be a mayor here, would it?

The terrace courtyard.  I think the church is abandoned.  It’s not the main church in town.  The main church, la Chiesa di San Savino, was built in 1467.

On the other side of the wall, there is another courtyard.  Here, they were setting up for an outdoor concert.  Not a bad spot for a concert, eh?!  Right next to the City Hall is another music school.  When we were walking through the courtyard, they were rehearsing.  Music everywhere.

It started to rain later that day.  This is my attempt at an artistic photo.  I think I’ll leave that to Rocco; he’s a cinematographer.  Cool fact of the day: Rocco shoots for Lonely Planet. He also claims to be best buds with Matt Damon.

I couldn’t resist.  Attempt at being artistic #2.

View form Lolmaia at sunset

Things are beginning to pick up.  We’re able to work individually now, without Dario worrying that we’re going to screw up.  This means we’re more productive and Dario isn’t running around too much.  We still work long hours, but at least now we see results.  That’s very satisfying.

🙂 Julie


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