A lot has happened since my last post.  I last left off after my second day in Rome with the five Aussies.  Not much happened after that.  William bought a Zippo lighter, but it ran out of fuel less than 24 hours later.  We met three Canadian girls from Toronto, who turned out to be awesome fun.  I had 100 euros stolen from my purse on my last night in Rome.  To be honest, I’m not really sure if I would have done Rome differently.  Because I was with the guys, accommodation was much cheaper and more accessible.  (Rome only has a few hostels with dorms, but they’re expensive and they’re always full.  There are well over a dozen one or two star hotels that cost much less per person and they usually have room).  But because I was with a group, no one wanted to be the one to make the decisions for the rest. Be the bossy one, so to speak.  As a result, we hung around the hotel and the station for the last two days.  We did go out at night, but we didn’t see any of Rome’s Ruins or attractions.  Live and learn, I guess.

I left Rome and spent two nights in Florence.  Florence is my go-to city in Italy.  It’s small, beautiful, affordable and two to three hours from all the major italian cities by train.

I am now on Lolmaia, a farm in Arezzo, one of the six tuscan provinces.  Arezzo, the capital, is 32 km.  Monte San Savino, the nearest town, a little gem in itself, is 10 km, but those 10 km cannot be easily walked.

I’ll admit: this is not my first draft.  My first draft was more a rant about the house in which I’m staying.  Mostly, I was ranting about my so-called “room,” but I won’t get into that.  I’m slowly, very slowly getting used to this crib.

Here, on Lolmaia, Dario has me and Barbara, another wwoofer, picking plums, cleaning them, sorting them and cutting them.  In the afternoon, we work with Martina, 17, and Michele, 14, dario’s children, in the lab.  Working in the lab is nice.  We’ll generally pull out my MAC and gets some music pumping.  Well, not pumping.  More like filling the room while we work away with the soya beans.  Dario makes miso, soya sauce, tofu and other soya products.

The house.  It looks big on the outside, but it feels tiny from the inside (I could go on about the illusion that is the size and beauty of the house from just looking at it from the outside.  Never judge a book by its cover).  The second floor is rented out.    I wish I knew what those trees are called.  They’re typical to Tuscany.  Any postcard will tell you that.

Looking down an isle in the vineyard.  Dario says the wine is very good.  We have yet to try any.

Sunset.  Tripping, eh?!

I’m sorry for not having updated earlier.  There is no internet here on Lolmaia.  In Monte San Savino, there is a cafe with wifi.  Not free, of course.  In Europe, there is no such thing as free internet.

More pictures coming in a few days.  Tune in then!

🙂 Julie


One thought on “Lolmiai

  1. je te felicite ma cherie d’avoir fait une bonne edition des commentaires negatifs. Tu veux te souvenir des bons moments. J;avoue que la fer ou tu es est bien charmante.
    Un gros bec.

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