My third day in Amsterdam was a jolly awesome one.  I got up, rode my bike to meet Kevin.  Biking through the city is actually a lot of fun.  At first, I was kind of sketched out because of traffic and such, but Amsterdam is perfect for biking.  We bought some stuff to picnic in Vondelpark, along the Southern edge of the city.

After hitting up the park, we rode our bikes back to the Centraal Station (yes, that’s how it’s spelt) to drop return our rental bikes.  After returning the bikes, I walked around the old part of Amsterdam for the better part of my afternoon.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up early and catch a train to Paris.  From there, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to take a train back down to Rome.  If I can, I’ll ferry over from Ancona to Croatia.  Hopefully, it will be a painless day.


Looking out from Vondelpark.

I amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, things are either really old or really modern.  In both cases, they always manage to pull off stylish, yet classy.  I’m jealous.

Amazing vintage clothing market near Kevin’s hostel.  I spent a good hour just browsing through all the quirky and nerdy get-ups for sale.  Found this place totally by accident when I was lost trying to find my way.

Super funky building in the South End.

Red Light District.  At night, it’s filled with men just browsing the girls in the windows.  It has to be one of the strangest places I’ve been to.   One of my roommates went as far as comparing it to walking through a haunted house: people are popping up left and right, just inches away on the other side of a glass door.

Amsterdam has definitely been a highlight from this trip.  It’s a little out of the way, but it’s such an experience.  I haven’t seen that much of Europe, but visiting Amsterdam is like visiting another world entirely.  Amsterdam does things differently, and it’s okay with that.   Amsterdam embraces what makes it so unique.

I’m heading to Paris tomorrow where I will hopefully be able to catch an overnight train to Rome.  I highly doubt I will be able to book a train, which means I may need to stay the night in Paris.

Until next time,

🙂 Julie


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. bonjour ma cherie: centraal s’epelle peut-etre ainsi mais le mot spelt c’est une farine. je crois que tu voulais dire spelled… :> )
    Nous attendons nos amis de Victoria aujourd’hui. Je t’embrasse. J’espere que tu verras d’autres coins de la France et de l’Italie aussi.
    Moi aussi j’ai adore Amsterdam. Le motto de la ville (enfin du pays) c’est: vivre et laisser vivre. Ils appliquent bien cette pensee je trouve. Tes photos sont magnifiques.
    Becots ma puce adoree.

  2. Hi
    It’s kitty, your french roommate in Amsterdam.
    You did not call me finally but it seems that it was useful as you spend great couple of days in Paris.
    hope we will keep in touch if you caome back in paris , it would be great to see us again (if you are motivated too of course).
    You have my phone number , don’t hesitate .
    Have fun in Croatia: I went there it was amazing.
    A bientôt


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