some dramz going down in Rome

So I landed in Rome, found my hostel (actually it’s a hotel) to find out I had booked a four-bedroom private suite to myself.  Naturally, I decided to cancel, which led to the wild goose chase that is finding cheap and reasonable accommodation in Rome.  Turns out: it’s not possible. I’m writing this in the airport, because it’s the only place I know that has internet and accommodation.  And by accommodation, I mean seats. Although I’ll probably get kicked out in a few hours..  From about noon until 7PM today, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, trying to figure out where I was going, because clearly Rome just wasn’t going to happen.

WHY DID I LEAVE CROATIA!?!?! It was cheap, chilled out, had two main roads instead of a hundred, had beaches, and all the time I spent there didn’t count towards my 90 days in Europe.

Here are my options:

  1. Go back to the train station in Rome (with no internet, mind you) and see if I can book an overnight train to Paris, and then to Amsterdam, where I’ll meet up with Kevin Kennett, my brother’s friend who also happens to be in Europe.
  2. Book a flight to Split that leaves in exactly 8 hours from now and spend two weeks or so in Croatia, possibly even hang out with Madeline who’s still there.  Unfortunately, the flight is only cheap tomorrow.  After tomorrow, the ticket gets jacked up to 270 euro.


:S Julie


2 thoughts on “some dramz going down in Rome

  1. Decisions, decisions, parfois elles semblent definir toute l’existence, et en effet, c’est la realite: il n’y a finalement que le choix qu’on fait avec lequel (et ses consequences) on doit ensuite composer jusqu’au point ou il n’y a que les consequences qui restent. Assure-toi que ton choix entraine des consequences avec lesquelles tu veux vivre. La difficulte c’est qu’on ne possede qu’une connaissance limitee et ne pouvons que partiellement anticiper ces consequences. De plus, nos desirs viennent brouiller les choses. C’est la vie, en microscope.
    bonne chance. Sois prudente. Je t’aime.

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