more nothingness…

Bol is so chillaxed.  They should win some award or something…  No one pushes.  No one pressures you into buying what they’re selling at the market.  No one hands out flyers for their windsurfing rental company.  No one approaches you on the beach with dresses to sell.  It’s a really nice change of scene.

This morning, Madeline and I got up early again.  Because we weren’t able to reserve another night at one local’s place, we moved our gear one block up to another local’s place.  Madeline still had to finish one of her term papers, so she stayed behind.  I went to the beach.  I got there around 8h30.  No one was there.  The water was so calm and clear (the water gets progressively wilder as the day goes).

Picture of the day: the Golden Cape.  Or, as I like to call it, paradise.

At 12h, I met Madeline back at the apartment.  We picked up some fruits from the market and hit the beach up.  A second for me.  Both lazy, we stopped for pizza at a local restaurant on our way home.  No one else was eating.  It was nice.

I love Bol.  Also, I’m now brown from laying six hours in the sun.  My bum hurts…

🙂 Julie


One thought on “more nothingness…

  1. meanwhile, I went on a 9 km walk, pushing baby James Bannar-Martin (20 lbs) in his stroller, on the road, up hills, on the trail…a good work-out. We had a great visit with Mark and Becky his mom and dad, our friends. Il faisait tres beau et le lac etait merveilleux pour nager. Notre premiere journee de vacances apres ces travaux d’irrigation ici (ca, c’etait toute une entreprise…beaucoup plus qu’on ne l’avait anticipe.)
    Becots ma belle, profite bien de la mer chaude.

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