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Yesterday, I checked out Split with Andy the Scot and Phil the New Yorker while Madeline stayed oceanfront at the hostel writing a term paper.  Split is tiny but really, really old.  Diocletian’s Palace, the heart of the old Split, was built sometime before 305 AD.  A few centuries later, the Romans left the Palace.  Since then, it’s been occupied by businesses and residents.

Inside Diocletian’s Palace.

Inside Diocletian’s Palace.

The gates to the Palace.  Inside there are markets and little boutiques.

The boardwalk outside of the Old City walls.

We were looking for things to see (museum exhibits…) since it only takes about an hour to see most of the old Split and most of the waterfront Split.  Eventually, we found this tiny terrace bar with a neat little set-up in an alley and sat down for a beer.  We decided to leave Split early to go have a little swim at the hostel.  We swam, we dove, we snorkelled..  The hostel in Split (Hostel Adria) is a little slice of paradise.  If you plan on visiting Split, I absolutely recommend staying there.

View of Split from the Pier.

Andy and Phil have been roadtripping down the coast, so they gave Madeline and I a ride back into Split.  Unfortunately the catamaran to Bol, a tiny beach town on the Dalmatia island of Bràc, had sold out.  The next boat to Brac was only a 45 minute wait.  The ferry ride was so nice.  We laid out on the sun deck in our bathing suit tops and took in the cool, fresh sea air.  It was kind of like taking the ferry to Vancouver or Victoria, only better.

Supetar. The ferry from Split docked at Supetar, a small fishing town on the Southern coast of Brac.  From Supetar, we took a 50-minute bus ride to Bol, on the Northern coast of Brac.

Instead of a hostel, we had reserved a guestroom.  Guestrooms are really popular in Croatia.  Everyone here seems to own at least two or three properties that they rent out in the summer.  Bol has a population of 2,000, but hosts 10,000 in the summer.  Although it sounds like a lot, most of the “tourists” are Croatians.  It’s like their own little weekend getaway spot.  Bol almost reminds me of Salt Spring.  It’s so chill and mellow.

Once set-up we went looking for a place to eat (we were lazy)  We settled for a balcony seat that overlooked the harbour area of Bol (we were very stubborn to find a balcony seat with view…we’re cheap that way).  There are no nightclubs in Bol so we didn’t stay out too late.  Sounds kind of lame, but that’s exactly why we came to Bol.  You’ll meet booze-and-cruise groups from time-to-time when you travel.  Sometimes, you’re on the booze-and-cruise, but all Madeline and I wanted to do was sunbathe and take it easy.  A vacation from our vacation.

For some reason, we both got up really early this morning.  It hit us that if we left asap, we’d get to the Golden Cape before the big crowds.

The Golden Cape. The Golden Cape is a stretch of land, about half a kilometre long, that shoots out perpendicularly from the land.  From afar, it looks like a giant beach triangle.

We got to the beach around 8h30 and hardly anyone was there.  The water is so clear you can see the bottom 20 feet below you.  It’s also a pebble beach (no sticky sand!!).

Midday, the beach is starting to fill up.

At lunch, we called it a morning and went and bought food at the market.

The boardwalk linking the Golden Cape to the centre of Bol.

We ate lunch on the terrace of the guesthouse, 2km from the beach, and watched boats sail by.

Tonight, we’re going back to the beach when there are less people.  We might also go see a movie at the outdoor cinema.

I (heart) croatia!

🙂 Julie


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