doing nothing

I love the Dalmatia Coast.  It’s super laid back.  The bus arrives when it gets there, not always at the time its supposed to.  There are beaches everywhere.  The list goes on.

Yesterday, I had planned on going to Omìs, a town South of Split.  I had no change for the bus, so I decided to walk to nearest ATM, which turned out to be in Dugi Rat, about 8km from the hostel.  On my way, I saw a beach and decided to go swimming and sunbathing for a bit.  A bit turned into an hour.  A few tan lines later, I was back on the road.  I eventually arrived at Dugi Rat, but by that time, I just wanted to go back to the hostel.  I caught a bus, missed the stop, caught a bus back in the opposite direction and eventually arrived back at the hostel.  I took a swim, played some cards and sat but the water.  In all, I did nothing.

The beach where I swam near Dugi Rat.

The hostel is more like a summer cottage than an actual hostel.  It’s run by a local Croatian family: a grandmother, a grandfather and their two grandkids.  It’s right on the water and the water is soooo nice.  At lunch, they invited whoever was staying at the hostel for lunch.  FREE HOMEMADE LUNCH!

After lunch, I played cards with Ante, the grandson of the owners of the hostel.  He’s a bit of a dirtbag-slash-eurotrash.  It was entertaining to say the least.  I went swimming, watched the stray cats play-fight, sat by the water…  My roommate Madeline and I started to plan and book our trip to Bol, a beach on the other side of the island which faces the hostel.  We’ll spend two nights in Bol and then maybe hop over to Korcula, another beach on another island.

After another homemade dinner, we sat by the water with other hostel inhabitants, drank some beer and watched the sun set.

Did I mention they have a diving board?

Today, I’m going to see Split with Andy the Scot and Phil the New Yorker.  We’re coming back to pick up Madeline to go to the ferry to go to Bol.

🙂 Julie


One thought on “doing nothing

  1. je me rejouis que tu rencontres des gens avec qui tu t’amuses et d’autres, comme cette famille, qui te donnent de “good vibes” en plus des repas gratis!
    Ici on a aussi passe la journee sur la plage, a travailler pour l’ameliorer. C’est magnifique.
    Becots ma puce. sois prudente; amuses-toi.

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