1 flight, 2 shuttle busses and 100+ mosquito bites.

Despite what I had planned, I didn’t sleep in an airport.  First, the airport in Rome is not open 24 hours.  So, two French engineering students and I found a spot on the lawn by the parking lot and laid down for the night.  Twenty minutes into half-sleep, an automated message was played.  And then again two minutes later.  This continued for the next two hours.  We couldn’t sleep, so we played cards until the airport opened again at 4am.  Check-in started at 5am, so I had one hour to security-proof my luggage and get sort of cleaned up.  Check-in took forever.  Luckily, i inherited the go-through-check-in-and-security-very-quickly gene from my dad.  Check-in took me under twelve seconds and security under a a minute.

I slept through the flight, which pretty painless.  I got a window seat, but, like I said, I slept.  From what I did see: Croatia looked pretty awesome.  Now, I have to hand it to Croatia: they do busses very well.  First, there is the bus from the airport to the central station in Dubrovnik.  Then, less than seven minutes, I hopped on a bus to Split.  None of it reserved.  All air-conditioned and very spacious.

If you’re going from Dubrovnik to Split: take the bus. I spent the first hour of the ride trying to unglue my jaw from the floor.  Croatia’s Dalmatia Coast is beyond beautiful. Everyone I know has gone to Greece, but I’ve been told Croatia is where it’s at.  Not many people think to go there, so tourism isn’t as big.  Secondly, most tourists only go to Dubrovnik.  The first and only time I heard anyone talk to Split was from my dad some years ago.  He was telling Simon and I of his trip there in the 70’s.

Like Cinque Terre, the hostel isn’t really a hostel.  It’s two apartment buildings owned by a family.  One apartment building serves as the family home and reception area, which right on the water.  The other building is all rooms.  No one goes there except to sleep.  Also, the hostel isn’t really in Split.  It’s on a sketch of beach which is occupied by locals.  No tourists except for the few rooms rented out here and there.

I didn’t really do anything today, which is okay.  I spoke to a canadian who is working here for the summer.  I told her I just wanted a vacation from my vacation.  She said she gets that a lot.  At first, I though a week wouldn’t be enough, but already I’ve decided to cut Hvar from my itinerary.  Instead, I’ll be spending a night, maybe two, at Bol.

The hostel is also almost completely deserted.  Me, two students from Scotland (one american, one scottish), a canadian girl from White Rock and the canadian girl who worked at the hostel made dinner and eat by the water.  Seriously, this place is amazing.

View from our dinner table.  I got lazy with the camera today…

Anyhow, until next time

🙂 Julie


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