Yesterday, I arrived at my third wwoofing farm, Vetriceto.  It is run by PierreAngelo and his wife Christina.  It is just outside of San Godenzo, Italia, which I believe is in the province of Firenze.  They grow fruits and make them into jam (which are very tastey, might I add).  Today, I spent my morning picking berries and the afternoon buying sugar for the jams.  I’m not sure what kind of berries I picked today, but they’re red and delicious. Tomorrow, we’re making apricot jam.

The internet here is limited and slow (30 minutes a day), which means I won’t be posting many pictures.  I think tomorrow, I’ll walk down to San Godenzo (3 km, all downhill) and see if there is any internet at any of the three cafés. 

Until next time,

🙂 Julie


One thought on “vetriceto

  1. Formidable: maintenant que j’aurai tous ces arbres fruitiers a SSI, tu pourras m’aider a faire des confirtures! Yummy!
    Becots ma belle.

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