a little post…

Life on les Trois Moulins is pretty awesome.  Good company: Bernard, the owner; Ellie and Phoebe, two Irish architecture students also wwoofing here; with a variety of guests who come to enjoy a good bottle of wine, with good food and good company.

Ellie, the only wwoofer who isn’t afraid of the horses.  She owns a horse in Ireland.

Ellie, leaning in front of the pile of rocks.  We worked for three days to clear these rocks.

Phoebe working to clear the rocks…

In the kitchen.  Phoebe, left and Matthew, right.  Matthew is an Englishman who wwoofed in France several years ago and decided to come live down South.

Lunch on the Terrace.  One of the few days of sun.  Phoebe and Ellie have been lying to family back home telling them of the super nice weather…  Apparently, in Ireland right now, there is a heat wave going on and they’re getting better weather there than here in the South of France.

More pictures to come…

🙂 Julie


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