rainy days

It’s been pouring for the last few days here on les Trois Moulins.  It’s not difficult to do work, but to find work to do is another story.  Today, Bernard got us to move rocks but, after our siesta, the rain was just coming down with no plans of stopping.  Oh yeah: the “Irish wwoof-ing couple” who were supposed to arrive yesterday is actually a couple of university girls.  Ellie, who’s 19, and Phoebe, who’s 20, arrived yesterday from Carcassonne.  They speak little French, but at least I get to stretch out my English.  They know that here, on les Trois Moulins, if you don’t bust your b***s, you won’t stay long.  Today was their first day of work and they were awesome.  They’re also eager to help out in the kitchen, with cooking and cleaning, which is greatly appreciated.

I’ll post pictures soon, when the weather is nicer… Until then,

🙂 Julie

Before I forget, does anyone know how long it takes to do the Cinque Terre?  I’m considering doing it next week on my week off.  Maybe some Florence, too?!


One thought on “rainy days

  1. mado et john l’ont fait (Cinque Terre). tu peux lui envoyer un petit courriel si elle ne te repond pas sur ton blog.

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