les Trois Moulins

My second wwoof-ing farm is called les Trois Moulins.  It is run by Bernard and Blanche Perez, but Blanche is in Germany visiting their daughter.  Les Trois Moulins has two horses, a goat, two dogs and two cats; and they sell vegetable produce at the local market in Réveles, supposedly one of the best markets in France.  The farm is 1 km from the nearest village, Verdun-les-Larangais.  The house is about two centuries old.  It’s completely surrounded by forest, although most of the rooms overlook the front vegetable gardens.  The house is full of colour and life.  Bernard, having grown up in Morocco and other parts of Africa, having lived in both Germany and France for the last three centuries, has decorated the house souvenirs from his past travels.  You might think he’s a little crazy because he’s so eccentric, but really he’s just loving life.  He loves cooking for others (the food is amazing) and loves music.  So much so, he named one of his horses Ray Charles for her “rock n’ roll” attitude.

When I first arrived, there was already a wwoofer working here.  Her name is Suzanne and she’s German.  She left Monday for Carcassonne and Spain.  This Sunday, an Irish couple will be arriving.  We’re still not sure if they speak any French or German, so it might be interesting.

The house and the goat.  I don’t know what the goat’s name is, but Bernard loves her.  I’m pretty sure he loves anything that breathes or needs water.

The path in front of the house.  Such beautiful weather! When I took this picture, it had to be one of the three days that the weather was like this.  For a wwoof-er, though, I must say working in this weather sucks.  It has come to the point that, when I wake up, I’m thrilled to see grey clouds.  When it’s grey or rainy, you can go on for hours and hours without stopping.

La terrace.

Sur la terrace.

Another view of the house, with the terrace.

More updates to come…

🙂 Julie


2 thoughts on “les Trois Moulins

    • Dad you should have played along with the typo and said something like “Wow I never knew people could live to over 300 years; that’s trippy” but instead you had to ruin a perfect moment for me 😦

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