i love Barcelona!!

but what else is new?!

Wednesday, I had planned on going to Montserrat the monastery an hour outside of Barcelona.  However, I needed to do my laundry which dragged my morning on longer than I wanted.  By the time I was done my laundry, I had one hour before the train.  I decided to go to Mercat de la Boqueria (now an habitual stop on my Barcelona adventures), and I bought a baguette sandwich (as per uze..), some pasta (absolutely delicious) and a fruit juice (today I went with strawberry and guava).  Wandering towards the Espanya station, I stopped in a quiet little plaça for a cafe con leche and a bit of a spanish lesson.  Forty-five minutes later, I made it to the station, but I missed the train.  El Estacíon Espanya is a giant square being overlooked by the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.  I walked up (ton of) stairs, sat down and ate my baguette and pasta.  It sure is easy to get carried away with the view because I missed the next train.  At this point, it was too late in the day to go to Montserrat.   So, I walked down la Gran Via de les Corts Catanes all the way to el Passeig de Sant Joan.  From there, I walked down to the Arc de Triomf and then wandered around in el Parc de la Ciutadella.  After marvelling la Cascada, I sat on the lawn and took an hour-long nap in the shade.  I woke-up when some students asked me to make a donation to charity.  I’m still not sure if I got ripped-off or not…  I then walked up el Passieg de Picasso and wandered  through the Born neighbourhood, through the Picasso Museum, and then all the way back to the hostel.  The sun had come out, finally, so I wanted to get changed and go to the beach.  I now know Barcelona pretty well, so I got to the beach in less than twenty minutes, which is good because my feet were killing me.  On the beach, I took another hour-long nap.  I love Barcelona!

L’Arc de Triomf.  Not quite as big or an impressive as the Parisian version, but palm trees line the strip!  The sun is slowly creeping out from the clouds…YES!

La Cascada in el Parc de la Ciutadella.  Designed by, who else, Gaudi!

La Ciutedella.

El Catalan Parliament.  The sun is coming out!!

My napping area in el Parc de la Cuitadella.  Clearly, not the only one taking a break from the hard life in Barcelona.

Walking around in the Born neighbourhood.  The first day I was here, Angela’s friend Brandon described the old part of Barcelona as a labyrinth.  If you looked at a map, you would see why.

Finally pictures of la Plaça Reial.  I pass through here on my way to the beach or whenever I’m going to the harbour.  It’s also really cool at night with all the cafes overflowing with customers.  It’s super close to the hostel.

I am absolutely pooched!  I walked/hiked around Montserrat yesterday and I still feel it today.  I’m just going to lie on the beach and hope my muscles stop aching!  I will post pictures from my trek up the mountain later today.

Until then,

🙂 Julie


One thought on “i love Barcelona!!

  1. I love it too. I remember walking through and enjoying the sight of people strolling in the fresh air. So European, so civilised. I am in bargaining right now, and time is running slow…
    I am envious. Enjoy darling. Dad and I are off to SSI tonight, so connections will be in town only, although I think I’ll get the internet at the cottage.


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