pictures, finally

If you were to ask me what I did since I arrived in Barcelona, I would say: walking.  Oh, and partying.  That too…

The first night, I met Angela, an ol’ pal from my Girl Guide days and went to her friend’s place.  From there we went to a cafe for Sangria and pan con tomatia, which they didn’t have, sadly.  After, we went to another bar in the Plaza de George Orwell.  Random trivia: George Orwell hated Gaudi’s work….WHAT?!

The next day I stumbled on the first cafe we went to by accident.  It’s right next to an old church or something.  It’s really beautiful at night, all lit up.

The second bar we went to on the first night.  Typical European whole-in-the-wall joint.  Good beer, good people.

El Mercat de la Boqueria.  The market is super close to the hostel.  I love the natural juices.  1.5 euros.  Super sweet and super delicious.  Best breakfast juice ever.  I go there at least twice a day.

Walked down to the Barcelona beaches.  Been there a few times, but I keep forgetting my bathing suit.  Going to make an effort to remember to put it in my purse tomorrow…

Last night, we went to a bar called Espit Chupitos.  It’s pretty much the coolest bar I’ve ever been to, hands down. Shots are only 2 EUROS each and they have most insane list of shots (I think it has over 200 shots on the board).  I had a tetris, a Diablo (which involves lighting the bar countertop on fire in the shape of a cross), a Willy Wonka (complete with whipping cream and chocolate bar), a Bin Laden, and other random drinks.  They also have the Boy Scout, which involves lighting the bar countertop on fire, roasting a marshmellow, and then dunking it in the shot before downing it.  The Harry Potter involves lighting the shot and an orange on fire and making mini fireworks with it.  They have a shot called the Bob Marley which literally looks like the Jamaican flag.  Their most infamous shot is the Monica Lewinsky, which I won’t describe in this post.  It’s raunchy, though.  If you’re ever in Barcelona, I would highly recommend going there.  Although it is mostly tourists who go there, it is the only bar for blocks, it’s a whole in the wall, and most of the people who go there found out about the place through word of mouth so it’s pretty chill.  Check out their website at

After that, we went a club in la Plaça Reial.  I don’t have any pictures of Plaça Reial, even though I go there pretty much every day.  I’ll take some tomorrow and post them. It’s really awesome and also really close to the hostel.

In Parc Güell.  The third day, I got up around noon, bought a natural fruit juice, a baguette sandwich and a fruit bowl from the market and went to the park.

The whole park is like a warped Disneyland.  It’s pretty trippy.

Oh, you know.  It’s just your typical Gaudi gingerbread house… if there is such a thing as “typical Gaudi”.

Like I said.  From there, I walked to the Església de la Sagrada Familia.  Not the nicest walk.  Especially if you’re walking with some random musician guy who can’t seem to take a hint.  Church was cool, though.

Església de la Sagrada Familia.  Now that I think of it, I’ve had a pretty Gaudian day today… no complaints!  The guy is EVERYWHERE!

For those unfamiliar, Gaudi was an architect.  He is THE Barcelona architect.  Many of the famous buildings in Barcelona were designed by Gaudi.  La Sagrada Familia is considered his masterpiece.  It was unfinished when he died and has been under construction, on and off, since 1882.  The Parc Güell is another one of his most notable projects.

If you’re wondering how I found the time to write this post, I decided to take tonight off.  After last night and the night before, I decided to take a break.  Also, one of my roommates is celebrating his 21st tomorrow night with some other peeps from the hostel.  Going to be a fun night!

RE: no visa for Europe…    I did some research and turns out that going to Switzerland will not clear me of my four month stay in Europe.  For those who don’t know, me being in Europe for four months is illegal without a visa, which I don’t have.  I’m too lazy to ask for a visa, so my other option is to get out of the EU for a day or two to break my four months up into two segments that are less than three months each.  I thought I could go to Switzerland, so I planned on seeing Jamiroquai at the Moon&Stars Festival in Locarno.  Switzerland, as it turns out, is part of Schengen Treaty even though it’s not part of the EU.  This means going to Switzerland is no longer an option.  My other option is going somewhere else outside the EU, like, say…. Croatia?!  Not going to lie, this whole “no visa” thing is definitely no where near as bad as I thought it would be…

I think tomorrow I’m going to go Montferrant.  It’s an hour outside of Barcelona, but apparently it’s a must-see.  I’ll make an extra effort to take more pictures (I’ve gotten really lazy with the camera lately…) Ciao for now!

🙂 Julie


One thought on “pictures, finally

  1. I’ve heard good things about Croatia, but if you’re going that way you might aswell pop into Slovenia too – right next door and they’re in the World Cup. Atmosphere during any of their games would likely be electric.

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