día una y dos en Barcelona

What I did when I got to Barcelona:

–> get lost

–> had Oscar, a super sweet local, help me find my way to the hostel, while showing me tourist sites and telling me where not to go (we discovered the hostel is one block down from the grungiest red light district in Barcelona… )

–> meet Angela; walk to her friend’s place

–> meet Brendan and his “roommates”, all super chill gals from Queen’s (University) and other awesome places on this fine planet of ours

–> go to cafe/cervesia for sangria and some munchies

–> walk around, down to the harbour, then decide to go back to my hostel…changed my mind after having some gelato

–> cafe #2…whole in the wall joint in the Plaza de George Orwell

–> say goodbye to the girls; walk back to hostel with Angela and Branden


–> say goodbye to my six Dutch roommates… by far the most hilarious guys I’ve ever met

–>walked around…a lot

–> met Angela for lunch

–> walk around some more

Going for dinner later.  Pictures coming soon!

🙂 Julie


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