farm #1: dunzo!

Today was my last day of work here on Izaut Rustica farm in Izaut de l’Hotel, Haute-Garonne.  I helped Karen with the hen house while Rohan played in the dirt.  Rohan got bored after a bit, so I lent him my (mom’s) camera to play with for a bit.  (It’s fine, don’t worry… xo)

I had to turn the earth in the field for the potato plants.  This job was by far the worse job on the farm.  It was the worst job simply because of the combination of extreme heat and intense physical labour.  The first day I did this, I got heat exhaustion.  To avoid this from happening again, I woke-up extra early the next morning and started work at six in the morning, when the air was cool and the sun hadn’t come up yet.

Inside the hen house.  For a few days now, Karen and I have been doing some woodwork for the new hen house.  This has been some of my favourite work on the farm.

Rohan got impatient while Karen and I were working, so I lent him my camera.  This is one of his masterpieces.  He noted that the best part of this picture is actually in the bottom left corner: his mud-house he created.

ACTION SHOT! Me working on the hen house.  (By the way, I was pushing the board upwards while trying to nail it… in case you all thought I didn’t know what I was doing:  I DO!…it’s just really awkward positioning).  Photo: Rohan.

Karen working on the hen house.  Photo: Rohan.

Thanks Karen, Lee and Rohan for your gracious hospitality!  I have learned a lot about farming and hard work.  Check out their website at:

Tomorrow, I will be getting up very early to catch the 7:37AM train from St-Gaudens to Toulouse.  I should arrive in Barcelona around 20h00, and then at the hostel around 21h00.  Also, and there is something SUPER EXCITING in Barcelona, but I’ll keep that for the next post   😉

I also apologize for not posting anything this week.  The internet has been done since Wednesday and I’ve been too lazy to fix it.  Today, I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to reboot it, which worked.  Also, has anyone watched Planet Earth?  IT’S SUPER AMAZING!

Anyhow, I have to pack my bags and get ready for tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

🙂 Julie


One thought on “farm #1: dunzo!

  1. this is one of Karen and Lee’s friends, I live in UK but have a house near Izaut for hols and more. Enjoyed your blog and the photos of the beautiful area we are lucky enough to have a stake in, one of the advantages of living in Europe: access to France easily! Just to say Planet Earth and a host of other BBC natural science proggies are great, David Attenborough is a national treasure! Try also “The Blue Planet”, also by DA, and ” Yellowstone” ( Karen and Ro have that) and “the Wonders of the Solar system” ( BBC 2010, Prof Brian Cox, very cool and charismatic prof!) Enjoy your travels, Suz White, Devon, England

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