So I thought I had a day off today, but I was wrong.  When I went in for breakfast this morning, Lee informed me that WWOOF-ers generally work on Saturdays.  “Don’t worry, though,” he said.  “The work is generally easier than the Monday-Friday load.”  Oh, good.  Yeah: I ended up cleaning out yet another hen house.  How many are there?!

The three hours I was shovelling, scraping, and sweeping away in the dark, stenchy room, all I could think of was Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona.  I think I deserve it.  Take a break from farming a little to discover a new city doesn’t sound so bad.  Ibiza is about a seven-hour ferry ride from Barcelona.  I’m still debating whether I should go that extra bit once I’m there.  Problem is, I’m expected to start WWOOF-ing on the second farm June 5th.  This gives me six days.

At around 4, Karen had to drive Rohan to a birthday party in Aspet.  Karen and Lee had suggested that I hike back to Izaut, but not from the main road, like I had done earlier this week.  I took a few pictures of the map (Lee didn’t want me to crinkle his map in my pocket) and Karen dropped me off in town.  I bought a chocolate Kinder bar (sweets are non-existent on the farm) and found my way to the trail entry.  I kid you not:  I spent a combined hour totally lost.  It came to the point when I was in the forest, I did a 360 and there looked like five or six possible “trails”, when in fact I was nowhere near a trail at all.  I freaked for a wee bit, I’m not going to lie.  Eventually though, I found my way.

Rohan with one of the kittens.

My “trusty” digital map.

Me, right before getting ridiculously lost (life was good, then).

This valley was my safety net.  When I got lost, I knew that if I came back to valley, I’d be able to find my way.  Sure enough, on the other side of the valley, there were signs.  One pointed to Girosp.  HUGE sigh of relief!

Civilization?!  YES!  Almost there! Huge sigh of relief #2!

I was super dehydrated for most of the walk, so when I finally came out of the trail, I was stoked that there was a fountain right as you get off the “trail”.

Girosp, the small town between Aspet and Izaut.  It’s located on a hill so that when you’re coming from either Izaut or Aspet, Girosp is silhouetted against the hills and the mountains.

Tomorrow, is my only day off.  After that, it’s another six days of labour in the sun.  I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, but we’ll see.

🙂 Julie


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