It’s Friday!  Although this day was not an easy one.  The morning was rather sad:  Karen accidentally chopped down one of Lee’s baby trees with the weed-eater.  To Lee, this is like accidentally backing your car over his dog. Also, the neighbours aren’t being the most cooperative in the world.  We stopped weeding and Lee gave me some other work: potting, which I preferred over the weeding.  It’s kind of like the gardening equivalent to office work:  you sit down and individually transplant 70-odd Brussels sprout and broccoli plants into larger pots.  This week, I’ve spent over 12 hours weeding, 6 hours cleaning chicken shit out of chicken pens and some 6 or so hours doing other odd jobs around the farm.  Potting was repetitive, but my favourite thus far.

The end result of my transplanting.  Took me about three hours, but I was in the shade so it was nice and relaxing work to do.

Laundry!  Clean clothes are a rarity when away from home, so I’m super stoked that I now have some nice-smelling garments to wear.  (I kind of felt like a hippie for most of the week…)

One of Karen’s hens.  They’re really beautiful animals.  Karen likes to think that they live happily here, which I would agree with.  They live in large hen houses, eat organic produce and grains, and breathe clean, mountainous air.  Karen has roughly 210 egg-laying hens.

This is just half the chicken pen I had to clean yesterday.  It wasn’t a treat…  I actually had mid-nightmares last night of falling down in that brown/black “stuff” on the floor.  Luckily, these pens only need to be cleaned once every six months, so I won’t have to do anymore of that…I hope.

The Orchard.  It’s about a ten minute walk in and out of Karen and Lee’s property to get to.  It’s in a sort of valley.

The front yard, where we weeded this morning, with the Pyrenees in the backyard.

Because it’s Friday, I decided I’d make dinner.  Karen and I picked up Rohan from school and went to buy some stuff for dinner. I made pasta with leaf root, tomatoes and lemon with crushed almonds; tomato and mozzarella salad with parsley and Karen’s homemade lemon dressing; roasted peppers; and asparagus with garlic.  And tea!

I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll do tomorrow.  I think I might settle for going to either Pau or Lourdes.  We’ll see.

Until next time,

🙂 Julie


2 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Wow! Quand tu seras de retour, peut-etre que nous acheterns des poules nous aussi! et tu pourras m’aider dans le jardin! et me faire a diner!

    mais fais bien attention car il y a des australiens qui terrorisent les touristes femmes en France. Prends garde.
    je t’aime. tes photos sont magnifiques.

  2. Madeleine sent me the link to your blog. Sounds like you are seeing a side of France that few tourists get to see. Love the photos . Thanks for keeping us posted. We are enjoying reading this.
    Madeleine and I spent a night in St. Gaudens in 2003. Cheers – John L.

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