St-Gaudens Market

Thursday is the St-Gaudens Market.  St-Gaudens is about 20 minutes from Izaut de l’Hotel and is the biggest town nearby.  I got up early this morning (about 7-ish) and met Karen.  We didn’t have any breakfast because Karen was afraid we might wake Rohan.  She asked if I’d be okay eating at the market.  (I knew this meant I could go buy something at the boulangerie…YES!)…(Sidenote:  breakfast on the farm is homemade muesli, which isn’t my fav).  We set-up shop in a square adjacent to the church in the old part of town.  The St-Gaudens market isn’t all in one spot; it’s cut up and dispersed throughout the old St-Gaudens (something like 10 blocks, in tiny street ways).

An olive stand.  They sell more than 20 varieties of olives.

A flower stand.  Such beautiful weather.

M. le Poulet.  Paris people are terribly bitter when they see someone with a camera.  Here, everyone was more than happy to show off their stand.

The church next to the square where Karen’s stand was.

There were lots of bread makers (boulangers) with bread stands.  I’m kind of regretting not buying any bread.  Oh well.  Next time.

Our lane.  (Karen’s stand is on the far right.  On her right, Armand was selling Foie Gras and other canned goods from his farm.  To his right, Fred was selling cider vinegars from his farm).  They were chatting with other venders and drinking beer served from the cafe, just next to Karen’s stand.  It hardly feels like work for them, they joke.  That’s perfectly understandable.

I’m not sure what work I’ll be doing tomorrow, but I think I may be taking more pictures of hens for Karen.  Anyhow, I’m off to bed!

🙂 Julie


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