Bordeaux? Montpellier? …Ibiza?!

So I realized that I have a gap between my first farm and my second farm.  This leaves me homeless for one week.  I have some ideas floating around in my head of where to go…

  1. Bordeaux
  2. Lourdes and Pau (although I think I might do those this weekend)
  3. Montpellier and Nimes
  4. Ibiza for an epic week of techno (David Guetta, Will.I.Am, Tiesto, and more are hosting an insane three weeks in Ibiza for a reasonable price… except the whole getting-there and sleeping-there part might be costly…BUT IT’S IBIZA!)

I’m going to give it a few days before I decide.  But come on!  When an opportunity like this presents itself, you don’t pass it up!  But, like I said, I’ll give it some time before deciding.

What do you guys think?!

🙂 Julie


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