After shovelling chicken shit all morning (definitely a top 5 terrible odour), Karen gave me the choice to either clean out another hen room or take pictures to advertise the farm after lunch.  I chose the latter, of course.  I’ll be cleaning out the other hen room on Friday.  After spending an hour and half snapping something 105 pictures of chickens, I uploaded them, had a mini shower, fuelled up on a banana, then went walking.  Aspet is about a 45-minute walk from Izaut de l’Hotel.  It took me three hours there and back.

Somewhere between Izaut de l’Hotel and Girosp.

Somewhere between Girosp and Aspet.

Le Ger, the river that runs through and under Aspet.

Aspet, from a distance.  If you look closely, you can see the chapel in the hills (I can’t remember its name).  When I got to Aspet, I decided to go a little farther and hike up to the chapel.  Disappointingly, when I got to the chapel, I realized the chapel isn’t meant to be seen up close.  Up close, it’s rather boring on the sides.  The only interesting part is the front, which you can’t see once you’re there.  The chapel was only designed to be seen from afar, like this.

The chapel.

View of Aspet from the chapel.

Having done this entire walk in flip-flops, I’m going to sit down and have a nice dinner before going to bed.  Tomorrow, Karen and I are going to the market in St-Gaudens to sell some vegetables from the garden.

Until next time,

🙂 Julie


One thought on “Aspet

  1. ma cherie: y-a-t-il une chance que tu puisses rester une semaine supplementaire chez ces gens a Izet….

    (il fait froid, il pleut, on se croirait en fevrier)

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