Izaut de l’Hotel

The first farm I’m working on this summer is called Izaut Rustica in a small village called Izaut de l’Hotel.  The farm is owned by an English family: Lee, Karen and their six-year-old son Rohan.  Lee and Karen bought this propriety about seven years ago.  They have vegetable gardens, 150 egg-laying hens and two donkeys.  They have built one coop for the hens and are in the process of building a second one.  When they first bought it, it came with half a garage (now completed and is their barn), half a house (very old, in the process of completing), another house (currently their home) and a barn (a barn).  They wanted to build a house from scratch, but that took too long.  There is only the foundation.  The local river, le Job, runs in and out of their propriety.  Their land is also split-up in random places (thanks to an old French law).

My room/trailer… where I sleep.

The house in which Karen, Lee and Rohan live.

A few days before I arrived, Tiger, their cat, gave birth to four kittens.  Sooo cute!  I visit them at least five times a day.

The half house they’re working towards completing.  You can see where they’ve added to the old house (new bricks, new windows, new doors…).

The bridge by their house, crossing over le Job.

Le Job going passing through and under the village, Izaut de l’Hotel.

View of the Pyrenees from the village.

View of the church.

Tomorrow afternoon, if I still have any energy left in me (work can be exhausting), I’ll head up to Aspet, the closest “big” village.

I have to be honest: I’m not used to sun.  There isn’t much shade, and the sun just burns.  The first day of work, it was cold in the morning, so I didn’t bother putting any sunscreen on.  Little did we know, the temperature quickly warmed up and I got a nasty, nasty burn.  (Imagine a sunburn where a tramp stamp would be).

Anyhow, until next

🙂 Julie


2 thoughts on “Izaut de l’Hotel

  1. Tu as l’air heureuse ma cherie. Je m’en rejouis. Le chaton est bien mignon. J’espere que tu pratiques ton francais!

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