one less day in Paris…

…means one whole day in Seattle.  And it was awesome!

back track: the volcano erupted again, much to my pleading it not to and, as a result, my flight was delayed exactly 24 hours.   So, instead of flying out at 4:30PM on the 11th, I’m flying out at 4:30 PM on the 12th.  Seeing as I had already bought a $50 ticket for a charter bus from Vancouver to Seattle for the 11th, this meant I was ultimately going to be stuck in Seattle for one day and one night.  An old family friend who lives in Seattle for school was nice enough to let me crash on his couch. (Thanks again Noah!)

This is my first “trip” to Seattle ever, and I loved it! Hugo suggested that I check out Pike Place Market.  I did, and then some…  I wandered around for roughly three hours.  I walked through the Market, down on the Waterfront, to the Pioneer Square, through the financial district and then downtown.

On the Hill… Super gorgeous weather!

Cute little alley.  I think this is Post Alley.

Inside the Market, a cute little doll store.

A flower stand from inside the Market.

Pike Place Market.

Some old school bikes for sale in the Antique Market.

A 180-degree bench made entirely of mosaics.  This is located at the top of an outdoor staircase overlooking the Waterfront.  The mosaics were made by kids.  Full of colour, full of life.

Pier 55/56…and what appears to be the brat pack.

A loud and colourful mural near Pioneer Square.

Pioneer Square.  I have officially fallen in love with Seattle.  Such character, such life.  I will definitely enjoy coming back.

So am I the only one who didn’t know that, in Seattle, buses go underground?  Took me an hour to figure that out…

I think I’ll check out the U District (super artsy, super colourful) tomorrow before going to the airport.

Until next time,

🙂 Julie


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