getting ready

This week is all about preparation.   I made a to-do list in Vancouver before moving back to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything.  So far, I have:

  • contacted VISA to let them know I’ll be in France and Italy for the next four months so they won’t cancel my card;
  • bought travel insurance (a bit pricey, I might add…);
  • checked for the FIFTH time that my passport does not expire while I’m away;
  • asked around to see if ANYONE has seen our Michelin Green Guide to Paris (I NEED IT!);
  • got my second Hep A shot (not as bad as I would have thought);
  • unpacked all my things from my eight-month stay in Vancouver (was NOT easy);
  • bought 2 Eurail passes.

This week, I have to:

  • pick-up my Eurail pass from travel agency;
  • pack;
  • figure out how to unlock my old phone so I can bring it to Europe with me;
  • find a third farm to work at;
  • get an International Driver’s License;
  • figure out what’s going to happen to my current cell phone;
  • see if I can reserve a seat on a charter bus from Vancouver to Seattle International Airport

Am I missing anything?

🙂 Julie

I’m sure there’s other things


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