stupid volcano!

the deets: A volcano just several kilometres southeast of Iceland’s capital erupted Wednesday, causing a plume of ash to sweep over Northwestern Europe.  Many airports, including Heathrow, have grounded all their flights because it is too dangerous to fly in the plume, which carries fragments of rock, glass and ash through the air.  Because volcanoes all act differently and the last eruption of this particular volcano happened over two-hundreds year ago, there is no knowing how long this eruption will continue and how long the air will be polluted with ash.

what this means for me: if the eruption doesn’t pause soon, the ash will continue to sweep across northern Europe, and my Iceland-Paris flight may be cancelled indefinitely.  There is also no mention in my Travelocity contract that says: “If there’s a stupid volcano that erupts one month before your departure and releases ash into the atmosphere which, consequently, will cancel your flight from Iceland to Paris, we will reimburse you.”

I’m a little worried.  I don’t feel like being stranded in either Seattle or Iceland.  All I can do is stay in the know, as much as possible, and keep my WWOOF hosts aware that I may need to cancel.  Also, I may need to cancel my reservation at the Paris youth hostel.



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