any ideas for Paris?

So I booked four nights stay at a youth hostel in Paris when I arrive on the 12th of May, but what will I do for four days in Paris?

We used to have an excellent guidebook especially for Paris, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  Dad sent me an excellent article by the Globe and Mail, but I need more!

I have already seen the main attractions twice (Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, etc).  I want to see some new things.  I looked a little into where I was staying (in the 10e arrondissement), and it turns out I’ll only be a few blocks from le Musee Picasso.  Unfortunately, le Musee Picasso is closed for renovation until 2012, which is a shame because I really wanted to go back there.

I’m a student, so I can’t afford to buy a new Paris guidebook, so please comment!

🙂 Julie


One thought on “any ideas for Paris?

  1. Julie
    on s’occupera te trouver un livre quand tu viendras souper a Vancouver lundi prochain. apres le souper..

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