guess what day it is today?!

It’s April 11th today, which means that in exactly one month: I will on my way to France!  I’m so excited!  Ever since I bought my ticket, it’s been so much easier to just daydream of rural Europe.  But, I still have a lot I need to do before I go:

  1. Get an International Driver’s License from BCAA
  2. Buy some hiking/gardening/farming boots and working gear
  3. See if I can get my wisdom teeth pulled before I go (very unlikely :S )
  4. Make a list of the stuff I’ll need to bring and see if I need to buy anything
  5. See if I can reserve a spot on a bus that’ll take me down to Seattle International Airport
  6. Find that darn Michelin Guide to Paris (did we lend it to one of you guys?!  I NEED IT!)
  7. Play around with Mom’s camera
  8. Buy a EuroRail Pass for France and Italy…but for how many days?

I’m terrible with this kind of thing!  Is there anything I missed?  Please comment!

Well, I’m going to go play with my mom’s camera (I’m taking it to Europe so I need to get a feel for it first…).

🙂 Julie


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