visit to travel agent, part 1

The most annoying thing about planning a trip is booking the flight.  It’s really the only part of the process that makes the trip official: it’s costly and it’s almost impossible to change any of the small details once it’s booked.  I’ve been checking out everything from Expedia to some really sketchy websites for the cheapest flights.  I was reluctant to visit a travel agent because I’m super afraid I’ll get pressured into booking a $2000 Caribbean cruise instead of booking a super cheap flight to Paris.

the deets:  my first wwoof-ing “appointment” is may 16th in small town called Saint Gaudens in Southern France.  Because Saint Gaudens is roughly six hours from Paris by train, I figured I’d best land in Paris a couple days before the 16th.  What I do before the 16th will be determined/improvised when I get there… Basically, any flight departing from Vancouver/Seattle before the 15th would be perfect.

Dad and I went to Flight Centre after work today to ask a few questions.  The best rate they could offer me was $1,500.  Really?  I’ve seen hella better.  We left, went for sushi, did my taxes (YES!), and looked up flights off Expedia.  Ya, there’s a flight out of Seattle for $850.  Best rate, Flight Centre, really?!

Anyhow, I still want to check out TravelCuts at UVic this Saturday.  My roommate booked his Vancouver-Athens flight through TravelCuts and said it was really cheap ($1,100-ish).

For now, I need to wait until I’ve spoken to someone at TravelCuts before I book from Expedia (or TravelCuts).

Does anybody have any good tips regarding travel companies/agents that I can check out?!  Please comment!

🙂 Julie


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